About Dan

Born and raised in Quinsigamond Village, Dan is what you would call a true “Worcester-ite.” A Worcester native with deep roots in the community, Dan lives in the same neighborhood where he grew up.

The son of a Union Carpenter and Worcester Public School Educator, Dan has also dedicated his career to public service. After graduating Cum Laude from the College of the Holy Cross in 2009, Dan moved back to the Village and worked as a Community Outreach Worker for the Juvenile Public Defenders office in Worcester, where he organized trainings and outreach campaigns for at-risk youth across the city and county.

Shortly afterwards, Dan went on to work as a campaign field staffer during the 2010 Governor’s election. He served as the Political Director for Lt. Gov. Tim Murray up until 2021 when he was appointed Director of Policy and Assistant Chief of Staff to the newly elected Mayor of Worcester, Joe Petty. Dan currently lives on Malmo Street right next door to where he grew up, and is proud to be from the Village.

Sworn into office by the Massachusetts House of Representatives back in 2013, Dan has dedicated himself to improving the lives of local residents, securing funding for local priorities such as social services and transportation projects, and along with advocacy groups and stakeholders, drafting thoughtful legislation pertinent to improving the Worcester 16th district and the Commonwealth as a whole.

 Dan is currently the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Re-districting. A self-proclaimed “map enthusiast,” and admirer of cartography, Dan is dedicated to overcoming redistricting challenges and to ensure fair representation for the people of Massachusetts. In addition, he serves on the Joint Committees on Health Care Financing; Transportation; and Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job as State Representative is working closely for and with the constituents of the district. I pride myself in being an accessible elected official working for neighbors to connect them to resources when in need while listening to how we can all make sure government works for all of us.” -Daniel M. Donahue